Tree-GO IZLID Ultra Pouch


Specifically designed for JTACs by JTACs to carry the B.E Meyers IZLID Ultra. Simple, Lightweight design ensures IZLID remains securely stowed when not in use. Available in two different types: VELCRO (Integrated with cummerbund on plate carrier) or MOLLE. Sold "with retention" or "without".

With Retention = IZLID Pouch with RT4 Gear Keeper.


Tech Specs: 

    Designed for the IZLID Ultra
    1000 Denier Cordura   
    VELCRO Model   5"L, 4"W, 1 5/8"D
    MOLLE Model    6 1/4"L, 1 3/4"W, 1 5/8"D

RT4 Gear Keeper Spec's - Extends 36inch
 a.. 60 lb. Break Strength
 b.. Nylon Line
 c.. Impact-Resistance Plastic Case
 d.. Saltwater Proof
 e.. Quick Connect-II (Q/C-II)
 f.. Optional Side Release System
 g.. Self-Cleaning Feature: Flushes sand and debris when operated in water
 h.. Measures: 1.67 in x 2.07 in x 0.575 in
 i.. Weight: 3.1 oz

 Download Tree-GO IZLID Ultra Pouch brochure here


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