Hybrid Electric Vehicle Programs

MATBOCK maintains its focus to paradigm shifting technology that will provide the US Department Of Defense an unfair advantage on the battlefield. MATBOCK stood up its Tactical Electric Vehicle program in 2022 with our suite of custom hybrid-electric and all electric vehicle options. This suite of options includes engineering and integration of the leading edge battery, propulsion, and exportable power solutions available into stock DOD vehicles. These technologies exceed current capabilities that exist within the department of defense and give the us DOD the edge our warfighter’s deserve.

Our solutions provide:

  • Increased capabilities for long range reconnaissance
  • Silent mobility
  • Silent watch (extended operations without the use of load combustion engines)
  • Portable Power Generation
  • Increased ability for both AC and DC export power to allow for cutting edge weapons systems and communications devices
  • Decreased reliance on supply and logistics
  • Current efforts support DOD ground vehicles such as the JLTV, HMMWV, and MRZR as well as several options for maritime use.

MATBOCK has limited availability for HEV and EV conversions in 2023, fill out the contact us form below for more information. Also check out the Press Release on the Hybrid Electric JLTV currently in the works; US ARMY AWARDS MATBOCK, LLC, $6.9M POTA TO DEVELOP A JOINT LIGHT TACTICAL VEHICLE HYBRID ELECTRIC VEHICLE (JLTV HEV)


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