Virginia Beach, VA: MATBOCK is an industry leader in bringing paradigm shifting technologies to the market and is excited to announce this partnership with the U.S. Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO) to develop a Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Hybrid Electric Vehicle (JLTV HEV) prototype that will utilize a M1278A1 Heavy Gun Carrier JLTV as the base platform.

In March 2022, the RCCTO awarded MATBOCK a $6.9M, including options, pOTA (Prototype Other Transaction Authority) to develop and deliver a JLTV HEV. The primary purpose of this project is to validate or negate the feasibility of prototyping a tactical Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV). The goals of the project are to increase the overall automotive performance and operational range, increase the availability of on-board and off platform power, and increase the vehicle’s overall operational effectiveness by adding additional capabilities.

In addition to being able to generate additional power, the JLTV HEV will have a new capability over the non-hybrid JLTV variants by being able to operate in a 'silent mobility mode' that only utilizes the battery pack, increasing the silent watch capability over the non-hybrid JLTV variant.

MATBOCK has set up a new 4,000 sq-ft space directly attached to their existing space dedicated to military hybrid-electric vehicle efforts to include the JLTV HEV. MATBOCK has nearly 30 people dedicated to making this project successful. At the helm from the MATBOCK side is Mike Pilotte. Mike is an Armor Officer in the North Carolina National Guard and an experienced Project Manager having most recently completed a successful Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II with the Special Operations Command (SOCOM).

MATBOCK will be pushing past current limits of battery and automotive technology integration and engineering results with these performance enhancements, but MATBOCK is known for tackling tough challenges like this. “Without a doubt this will be the most complex project MATBOCK has faced in our 12 years in business, but we have the right team and core technologies to produce a successful outcome.” said MATBOCK’s Co-Founder & President Zach Steinbock.

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