Power Generation

MATBOCK maintains its focus to paradigm shifting technology that will provide the US Department Of Defense an unfair advantage on the battlefield. MATBOCK stood up its Tactical Electric Vehicle program in 2022 with our suite of custom hybrid-electric and all electric vehicle options. As a result of our efforts to send vehicles further with less fuel requirements we developed the most lightweight, efficient, and portable power generation and range extender solutions. These technologies exceed current capabilities that exist within the department of defense and give the us DOD the edge our warfighter’s deserve.

Our solutions provide:

  • On The Move Rapid Recharge (OMRR)
  • Exportable AC and DC power
  • Modular systems that can scale based on the customer’s needs
  • Decreased reliance on supply and logistics
  • Omega-1 Variant will produce 160hp, 170 lb-ft Torque and 80-100kW Output Power

Our suite of power generation options will be available for purchase in 2024. Contact us for more information. Also checkout the Press Release on our exclusive partnership with Astron Aerospace; MATBOCK & ASTRON AEROSPACE ANNOUNCE PARTNERSHIP FOR MULTI-FUEL ENGINES


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