MATBOCK & Astron Aerospace Announce Partnership for Multi-Fuel Engines

MATBOCK, LLC of Virginia Beach, VA and Astron Aerospace of Wichita, KS are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership for the Astron Omega One family of engines to US Government customers.  Astron has developed a paradigm shifting, multi-fuel engine technology with unparalleled power to weight ratio, increased fuel economy, and low maintenance requirements. At only 38 lbs, the Astron Omega one is expected to produce 160hp and 170 ft-lbs of torque. In an era of rising fuel costs and push towards electric or zero emissions vehicles, the Astron Omega One family of engines stand ready to meet the needs of many DoD requirements.

MATBOCK has already incorporated this technology into various government projects and expects future development efforts associated with this technology to be available for customers by Q2 2023.  “The Astron Aerospace engine technology allows MATBOCK to continue to push capabilities of warfighter past any current systems and redefine power production and management,” said MATBOCK President Zach Steinbock. “We are excited to present the defense community with these projects in the near future and discuss future plans regarding this technology.”