Sneaker Bag


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Running shoes smell bad.  So do hiking boots.  Not to mention the fact that our adventurers usually end up muddy.  Why does the rest of your luggage need to smell like them?  This bag is designed to contain the mud and smell and prevent the rest of your luggage and clean clothes from smelling like running shoes on day 2 of your adventure with 6 days and 4 cities to go.  Large enough for big feet and midsize hiking boots but small enough when not in use to not even notice it's there.  Waterproof and odor proof material.  Water resistant zipper. Kevlar Stitching (not even the thread will absorb anything).

Dimensions - 15" x 8" x 4"
Weight - 1.5 ounces
P/N - MB-Sneaker
Price - $50.00


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Sneaker Bag - MATBOCK
Sneaker Bag - MATBOCK
Sneaker Bag - MATBOCK