Tarsier Eclipse ™ - Single

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****QUANTITY IS PER TUBE - Need 2 Eclipses? Check Out The Tarsier Eclipse Kit ****

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The Tarsier Eclipse ™ is the most advanced Night Vision Goggle (NVG) accessory on the market, allowing the operator to see objects from 3" to infinity at the same time and without loss of clarity. It incorporates a smooth action, high performance optical iris that can quickly be adjusted depending on the amount of ambient light. 

Additionally, the Tarsier Eclipse ™ offers a high-quality Corning Glass sacrificial lens that can quickly be replaced without tools. The sacrificial lens serves as a critical piece of protection for your NVG lenses, shielding them from dust, dirt or scratching that may cause expensive repairs and potential downtime. 

  • Provides the ability to see objects at all distances without adjusting the focus on Night Vision Goggles.
  • Infinitely variable from open to close to allow the optimal amount of light into the NVGs and maintain auto-focus capability.
  • Clear front sacrificial lens to protect lens of NVGs and prevent dust and debris from entering apparatus.
  • Rapid adaptation to ambient light by turning the adjustment ring, opening or closing the iris.
  • Easy and secure attachment to end of NVGs.

The Tarsier Eclipse ™; (sold per tube) is designed to fit the following models:

**Please note, if you have dual NVG's, you will need to add 2 Tarsier Eclipses to your cart OR purchase a Tarsier Eclipse Kit which includes 2 Tarsiers, extra sacrificial lens and a cleaning kit for $530

PN# 880021-1 (fits 37mm Outer Diameter): AN/PVS6 || AN/PVS-7 || AN/PVS-7B/D || ANVIS-9 || AN/PVS-14 || NEPVS-14 || AN/PVS-23 (F5050YG) || DTNVG || DTNVS || BNVD 1531 || PVS-31D

Click the logo below to view Type 1s on GSA:

PN# 880021-2 (fits 33mm Outer Diameter): AN/PVS-15 || AN/PVS-18 || AN/PVS-31A || BNVD || MUM-14 || GPNVG

    Click the logo below to view Type 2s on GSA:

    Patent Number: 7969673

    Licensed technology from Phokus Research Group

    NSN: 5440-01-691-3295



      Material: Harden Rubber
      Total Weight: 1.1oz (31 grams)
      Dimensions: 1" x 2" x 2"
      37mm Outer diameter needs Part Number: 880021-1 or 880021-NAVAIR
      33mm Outer diameter needs Part Number: 880021-2 or 880021-GROUND


      Tarsier Eclipse ™ - Single
      Tarsier Eclipse ™ - Single
      Tarsier Eclipse ™ - Single
      Tarsier Eclipse ™ - Single
      Tarsier Eclipse ™ - Single
      Tarsier Eclipse ™ - Single
      Tarsier Eclipse ™ - Single
      Tarsier Eclipse ™ - Single
      Tarsier Eclipse ™ - Single
      Tarsier Eclipse ™ - Single
      Tarsier Eclipse ™ - Single
      Tarsier Eclipse ™ - Single
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      A MATBOCK Customer
      Philip R.
      United States United States

      Great product

      I should have bought these a long time ago! Great product with amazing capabilities.

      Jin H.
      United States United States

      Tarsier Eclipse

      It’s a must have! I have it on my PVS15 & PVS31. Don’t settle for some cheap Chinese junk that’s “just as good”.

      Lucas J.
      United States United States

      Beyond pleased with the Tarsier Eclipse!

      I honestly can’t express in words how much better this product is over some of the other “3D printed” designs I have seen and tested for personal use. The plastic ones I have tried have broken, have been inconsistent in build quality and just aren’t up to par with some of the prices that are being charged. These Matbocks are fantastic! The glass is of quality, the rotation is buttery smooth with no chance of opening up on their own, they are just incredible. I know they are expensive, but the quality and the ruggedness is enough to actually put my mind at ease if I bumped my lenses. They definitely add a layer of protection that I didn’t see with some other inferior products and obviously have the benefit of the up-close focus. Thank you guys so so much!

      Jordan D.
      United States United States

      Matbock Tarsier Eclipse.

      Amazing that is all.

      Lawrence K.
      United States United States

      Neat idea, but…

      Pretty neat that this works to keep things in focus at near and far distances without having to readjust the NV focus. It’s does come at a cost of losing some intensity though. My problem with it and why I’ve given it 3 stars is that it is very tough to adjust it without messing up the NV focus because the lever doesn’t operate smoothly. They recommended Teflon lubricant (not included) but if this is a know issue, then it should be included. For the price it should not have this issue.

      Weston L.
      United States United States

      Actually works.

      It’s great. It does actually what I need it to do. Instead of being able to see 100% clarity far and 0% up close. You can always see about 95% clarity far and 100% clarity close without having to adjust. It helps switching back from Map to the terrain, notebook to people etc.



      Thanks for the support and the great review!

      Lin T.
      United States United States

      ******* Good!

      GOOD!! No second sentence!



      Thanks for the awesome review!

      Brian G.
      United States United States

      Don’t wait - just get them.

      I’ve tried DIY versions, etc. there is really zero comparison. This product is much better than 5.56 holes poked in your day cap. The design is well thought out and offers a massive advantage while driving and working up close. With a simple spin you’re focused out far. Highly recommended. You’ve spent thousands on nods, you should have these on them.



      Thanks Brian, we can't agree more!

      Greg D.
      United States United States

      Mandatory? No. Incredible? Yes.

      If you’re on a paycheck to paycheck budget, or considering these vs a NV course with Jon Dufresne, take the training and keep saving and get them eventually. But, if you have money to spend, these are worth every cent. Not only do they increase your IG clout by 75% they do they’re job 100%. Great looking, smooth adjustment, easily replaceable lenses. These things have been incredible. I had to grab another set as a gift to my buddy that just got his first personal NV unit. Absolutely recommend if you can swing the price. And no, the Amazon DIY ones are not jUsT aS GoOd. I made some, and got these immediately after.



      Thanks for the great review, they make a huge difference!

      blake s.
      United States United States

      Well made, found a few issues though , the ring is large and causes splash when using ir illuminator on pvs14 , and fit is snug enough to not fall off but will spin on the objective lens , having teeth to grip might be nice and a smaller housing to not obstruct the illuminator would be better, overall pretty cool

      Stephan P.
      United States United States

      You would think NVG companies would include these standard.

      The device is so game changing you would think NVG companies would build them into NVG standard. Works as advertised and dramatically increases your close to far field of view. I’m a huge fan and love it!

      Jacob H.
      United States United States


      Fantastic item, an aperture like this should come standard with all night vision devices.



      Jacob, thank you for the great review and for supporting MATBOCK!

      Michael H.
      United States United States


      They work somewhat as advertised. The friction of the adjustment knob is so intense it just changes my front lens focus and defeats the whole purpose. You have to physically hold the font lens in place beneath the cap to make any adjustments. It's a decent product but there are more affordable options. 4 stars because it's not matbocks fault I didn't do my research sufficiently.

      Stephen J.
      United States United States

      Very satisfied

      The tarsiers are well built and very easy to use, great blend of protection and function!



      Stephen, thank you for the great review and for supporting MATBOCK!

      Cade I.
      United States United States

      Must have!!

      If you have a set of goggles, these are worth every penny! Super fast shipping to Alaska too!



      Cade, thanks for the great review and for supporting MATBOCK!

      Jason C.
      United States United States

      Totally Worth It

      The Tarsier Eclipse is a must have for anyone with a NV device. It fits my PVS-14 great and really works better than I expected. The simple design and functionality is genius. Easily transition between indoors/outdoors and well lit/dark areas with no issues. No more messing around with the focus, you can see clear near and far.



      Jason, thanks for the great review! Like you stated these are a must have for NVGs!