Toiletry Bag


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MATBOCK Products are handmade to order, so lead times can vary.

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Made of MATBOCK Ghost Heavy Material, this toiletry bag is light and strong and won't absorb anything.  No bacteria, no exploded 5 in 1 shampoo/car wash/dishwasher/laundry/face wash or toothpaste bottles, or anything else you keep in your toiletry bag.  Let science work for you and upgrade to a toiletry case that can live up to any adventure you take it on.  Waterproof and odor proof material.  Water resistant zipper.  Kevlar Stitching (not even the thread will absorb anything).
Dimensions - 8" x 4" x 4"
Weight - 1 Ounce
P/N - MB-Toiletry
Price - $35


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Toiletry Bag - MATBOCK
Toiletry Bag - MATBOCK