Night Ops Evolved Bundle

Regular price$75.00

Since we reached our goal to get a veteran a Track Chair from The Independence Fund. We have decided to lower the price for the last few to support the The Independence Fund Operation Resiliency. Each bundle will come 1 x Night Ops Evolved Serialized Print, 1 x Night Ops Evolved Patch and 1 x Night Ops Evolved Sticker. The serialized prints are individually numbers from 1 to 250

  • Prints are 24" wide x 18" tall
  • The Patches are 4" wide and the blue part glows in the dark
  • The Stickers are 4" wide

The original artwork of the painting was from Lefty Rios. He used Sean Matson (our Co-Founder & CEO) as the model.


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Night Ops Evolved Bundle