The Scepter Jump Assault Pack


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A variant of the 1 Day Assault Pack, the Scepter Jump Assault Pack is specifically reinforced and designed for jump operations. All strapping is either continuous or connected in the backing of the pack to include the two connection loops meant for attachment to the parachute itself via release lines. Additionally, the system has a 1 pull release system for a primary weapon system. The weapon is mounted and jumped in the horizontal position and then can be released with one pull to give the jumper instant access to the primary weapon if necessary. The belly band of the parachute mounts across the top third of the pack, just above the primary weapon to keep it secure during the jump. The entire front flap of the containment system is released by this mechanism. For easy stowage, the flap can be snapped back into place instead of reweaving the pull handle. The pack also allows integration with the SS precision jump board across the back via webbing and Velcro.

NSN: 8465-01-683-9569

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The Scepter Jump Assault Pack - MATBOCK
The Scepter Jump Assault Pack - MATBOCK