Graverobber™ KILAGRAM Kit

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Made of MATBOCK’s Ghost and Ghost Light materials, the Graverobber KILAGRAM Kit is water resistant, lightweight, durable, and provides easy-to-access storage; addressing all your immediate medical needs. Designed to take your medical supplies on target, it is compact and has reinforced connection points for air operations. The KILAGRAM bag comes with a GRAM pouch, and a flat pouch, and has dedicated space for blood storage. The KILAGRAM can be worn with the provided shoulder straps, attached to an external frame system, or fitted to the back of the Graverobber Sustainment Bag for longer-duration missions. The internal MOLLE panel, with pouches attached, can be removed and carried separately. Additionally, the flip-down panel allows for customized and organized internal storage via a GHOST bungee panel and generous loop field. MOLLE panels on the outside of the bag allow for the attachment of external items and are ideal for tourniquets and other quick-grab items.


    • Thinnest materials and lightest bag in its class
    • Mounts on Alice-compatible frames, such as the Mystery Ranch NICE Frame, or uses included shoulder straps
    • Jumpable

    • Hydrophobic, chem/bio-resistant materials that won't absorb oils and decon without degradation

    • Zips-on to Graverobber Sustainment pack to ease carrying multiple bags


Material: Ghost & Ghost Light

3.3 lbs (1.5 kgs)

15.75" L x 12.25" W x 4" H (40cm L x 31.1cm W x 10.16cm H)

771.8 cubic inches (12.6 liters)

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Graverobber™ KILAGRAM Kit
Graverobber™ KILAGRAM Kit
Graverobber™ KILAGRAM Kit