Cosmetic Case

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Ladies, This isn't your high fashion cosmetic bag.  Its built tough just like you are.  Tired of your powder foundation exploding in your make up bag and ruining the clothes in your luggage or purse? The MATBOCK Cosmetic Case is the perfect solution.  It contains everything in one simple (but large) bag that is easy to clean, doesn't absorb or facilitate bacterial growth and is made strong and tough just like you.  Waterproof and odor proof material.  Water resistant zipper.  Kevlar Stitching (not even the thread will absorb anything).
Dimensions - 9.5" x 8" x 2.5"
Weight - 1 ounce
P/N - MB-Cosmetic
Price - $40.00

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Cosmetic Case - MATBOCK
Cosmetic Case - MATBOCK