Constrictor Cargo System


Please contact us for testing, shipping and pricing information on the Cargo System. This is a unique product and we are proactively working with companies who are interested in using the net to customize and ensure it is the best solution for their needs. 

The Constrictor Cargo System was developed over many years and multiple prototypes to address the multitude of deficiencies experienced with the current nets. The easily identifiable sides ensure the net is oriented and attached correctly the first time to prevent extra work. Additionally, the adjustable straps are connected with ratchets, giving the user a mechanical advantage to ensure cargo stays secured during flights and within size limits. The net is designed to accommodate all size loads without having to remove or add additional pieces. By reducing the amount of hardware on each net, our design minimizes not only failure and maintenance points, but also overall cost with no loss of cargo capacity. Furthermore, each piece of hardware was hand selected with the end user in mind to provide adjustability without sacrificing cargo security during flight.

Download Constrictor Cargo System brochure here

Technical Specifications:
    •    One net system, fully adjustable to 96”
    •    Ratchets for mechanical advantage
    •    Attached self-storage system
    •    Easily identifiable sides
    •    Conveniently located carrying handles
    •    Minimal failure points
    •    Minimal maintenance
    •    Minimal personnel required for assembly


Patent Number - US 8,641,340

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