Graverobber™ Drug Roll

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MATBOCK Products are handmade to order, so lead times can vary.

Please contact with questions on current production lead times.

Made from our Ghost and Ghost Light materials, it features 5 small pouches on the sides and 1 large main pouch in the middle. The large main pouch has our new organizational system integrated into it for all different sizes of medications. Simply push the head of the bottle into the holes and rotate till the drug label can be seen clearly for quick identification during both emergency situations and inventory. When the pouch is closed up, the outside has a few rows of elastic loops for syringes, needles, scissors, sharps containers and other medical necessities.  The back is lined with hook Velcro to attach to the inside of medical packs.


12" x 15" opening to 31" 

15 oz


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Graverobber™ Drug Roll - MATBOCK
Graverobber™ Drug Roll - MATBOCK
Graverobber™ Drug Roll - MATBOCK