H.A.A.L.O Cage

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MATBOCK Products are handmade to order, so lead times can vary.

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Multiple HAALO cages make the HAALO Belt instantly adjustable for different mission sets.  Mount different gear onto each cage so you can quickly switch from one mission set to another.  Whether it's land warfare, maritime, helicopter operations, medic, SAW gunner or anything you may need to be set up for, the HAALO Cage decreases reaction time to time sensitive targets.


- Boltaron is flexible and moves with you.
- You can attach MOLLE pouches and even directly mount sheaths and holsters with common holster binding posts and screws.
- Quickly change your loadout without needing to detach and reattach your pouches.


Dimensions: 22” x 1.25” x 1.25“ (56cm x 3.2cm x 3.2cm)
Weights: 4.8oz (136 grams)
Material: Boltaron

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H.A.A.L.O Cage
H.A.A.L.O Cage
H.A.A.L.O Cage

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