Meet Jim - MATBOCK Lead Sales

Jim Foreman MATBOCK


Tell us how you came to be lead sales for MATBOCK?

I retired in 2018 after serving 27 years in the SEAL Teams. During that time I worked with incredible guys and wrapped up my career as a Command Master Chief. I knew of Sean and Zach and what they had created with MATBOCK and was impressed. After seeing the MATBOCK gear, I knew right away this company was creating products that solved problems that I’d experienced on deployments. Soon after, we met up and I took the job as lead sales for the company starting in 2018.

What draws you to developing new client relationships for MATBOCK?

Providing quality gear to end users from military special operations, Law Enforcement, medics, Search and Rescue and others. I work and meet with some great people who are looking for more efficient and durable gear for their units.

What is your favorite thing about working with the MATBOCK team?

The different personalities of the whole team from management to production.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your life outside of MATBOCK- your hobbies, passions, goals.

I enjoy the time I get with my family.