Tarsier Eclipse ™ Kit


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The Tarsier Eclipse ™ is the most advanced Night Vision Goggle (NVG) accessory on the market, allowing the operator to see objects from 3" to infinity at the same time and without loss of clarity. It incorporates a smooth action, high performance optical iris that can quickly be adjusted depending on the amount of ambient light.  Additionally, the Tarsier Eclipse ™ offers a high-quality Corning Glass sacrificial lens that can quickly be replaced without tools. The sacrificial lens serves as a critical piece of protection for your NVG lenses, shielding them from dust, dirt or scratching that may cause expensive repairs and potential downtime. 

Included in a Tarsier Eclipse kit are 2 x Tarsier Eclipse ™ (880021-NAVAIR or 880021- GROUND ), an additional Sacrificial Lens, cleaning kit and 2 lanyards with swivel hook attachment. 

  • Provides the ability to see objects at all distances without adjusting the focus on Night Vision Goggles.

  • Infinitely variable from open to close to allow the optimal amount of light into the NVGs and maintain auto-focus capability.

  • Clear front sacrificial lens to protect lens of NVGs and prevent dust and debris from entering apparatus.

  • Rapid adaptation to ambient light by turning the adjustment ring, opening or closing the iris.

  • Easy and secure attachment to end of NVGs.

The Tarsier Eclipse Kits™  are designed to fit the following models:

PN# 880021-NAVAIR (fits 37mm Outside Diameter): AN/PVS6 || AN/PVS-7 || AN/PVS-7B/D || ANVIS-9 || AN/PVS-14 || NEPVS-14 || AN/PVS-23 (F5050YG) || DTNVG || DTNVS || BNVD 1531

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PN# 880021-GROUND (fits 33mm Outside Diameter): AN/PVS-15 || AN/PVS-18 || AN/PVS-31 || BNVD || MUM-14 || GPNVG

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    Patent Number: 7969673

    Licensed technology from Phokus Research Group

    NSN: 5440-01-691-3295



      Material: Harden Rubber
      Total Weight: 1.1oz (31 grams)
      Dimensions: 1" x 2" x 2"
      37mm Outer diameter needs Part Number: 880021-1 or 880021-NAVAIR
      33mm Outer diameter needs Part Number: 880021-2 or 880021-GROUND


      Tarsier Eclipse ™ Kit
      Tarsier Eclipse ™ Kit
      Tarsier Eclipse ™ Kit
      Tarsier Eclipse ™ Kit
      Tarsier Eclipse ™ Kit
      Tarsier Eclipse ™ Kit
      Tarsier Eclipse ™ - MATBOCK
      Tarsier Eclipse ™ Kit
      Tarsier Eclipse ™ Kit
      Tarsier Eclipse ™ Kit
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      zane m.
      United States United States

      A must for night vision

      This item is great it is a must for CQB applications. Feels extremely smooth and durable.



      Thanks for the great support and awesome review!

      Nick B.
      United States United States

      Works as expected

      These lenses are expensive, but to be able to dial to the exact light transmission you prefer is a plus. Of course this also affects your depth perception up close, but can be changed on the fly. Helps with passive aiming too. Outside of pin holes in the lens caps that came with the goggles, these are the only solutions I’ve used, so can’t speak to the merits of any other ones, but they’re solid for sure. They’re a little stiff to dial out of the box, but seem to be loosening up with extended use + additional Teflon oil.



      Thanks for the review Nicholas, if they do not loosen up to your liking let us know!

      Travis M.
      United States United States

      Love it

      Legit for driving and fine up close use and increased field of view. Shot an indoor night match with an enfield 38 revolver and still took 8th out of 30

      Jason L.
      United States United States

      Works well

      Easy to use. Works well as described. My only complaint is that when making adjustments to the Tarsiers, the objective lens on my DTNVG spins, creating a degraded image. I had to apply tape to the objective lens to prevent them from moving.

      Charles R.
      United States United States

      Tarsier Eclipse

      Great product but very expensive and not sure it warrants the price tag. I think this product would sell significantly better if priced at 125 and would be considered a requirement for anyone running nvgs.

      A MATBOCK Customer
      Chad N.
      United States United States

      Refocus done right

      Purchase, slip on, then perfection!!! No really it is, Easy on the fly refocus like it was meant to be. Price is a high, but so is the customer service and the quality of the Tarsier. If you are on the fence, I would recommend taking the leap. Would buy again 100%



      Chad, thank you for the support and the great review!

      Shahzeb J.
      United States United States

      every set of nods should come with these

      although pricey, well worth the money. provides protection, ability to adjust aperture, etc

      Michael L.
      United States United States

      Great product fast shipping.

      These make a world of difference on close range fucus and controlling light intake.



      Thank you for the review!

      Jerome R.
      United States United States

      Response time

      I sent an email and was contacted via return email within an hour. Great service from Americans in an American company.

      Gabe S.
      United States United States

      Awesome piece of kit

      I have eight of these, and a couple more on the way. These things are fantastic. I’m out under Nods at least six nights a week, and I find myself using these multiple times every night. Not only as a focusing device, I also use them to control the amount of light coming into the device, if it’s a bright night. The lens quality is outstanding as well, great light transmission and no weird lens flares that you can get from lesser quality glass. Overall I’m very happy with them, they’re a great accessory.

      Ryan A.
      United States United States

      DTNVS kit

      Installed and used for about a month either shooting, camping, hiking or what not they work great and do what they’re intended to do, my only small gripe is that when installed and trying to adjust the tarsier they move, an easy fix is using electrical tape on the inside of the tarsier. I guess if I had to recommend anything to the design team, it would possibly be to slim down the design and make the adjustment knob slightly easier to twist? At any rate they do the job and are a great tool. I wish I would have invested in these a long time ago it’s handy and functional. Maybe not totally necessary but it makes life easier.



      Ryan, Which NVGs did you put these on? It could be an issue with not having the correct Tarsier size (we offer two different sizes). We do our best to keep up with the sizes, but as more and more people are getting into making these tubes we are trying to catalog them all. Thanks in advance MATBOCK

      SKY S.
      United States United States


      Really like these Johnny number fives a lot!

      A MATBOCK Customer
      Patrick C.
      United States United States

      One of the best solutions

      I've tried some 3D printed caps and they broke under general usage. I didn't want to do the old Butler Creek cap solution because I want to protect my work and personal 31s. The Tarsier is been one of the best solutions to protect your 31s. Their solid mounting, intuitive focal shift and the sacrificial lens ensures you won't deadline you nods from a Sim round or any debris from doing work activities. Great product!



      Thanks Patrick! We appreciate the feedback

      Nicholas H.
      United States United States

      Don’t think about it

      Don’t buy the cheap versions people are starting to sell because you won’t be happy.

      Carl H.
      United States United States

      Awesome addition to NVGs

      Being able to quickly adjust on the fly to changing light levels is huge. Being able to have focus at different distances without refocusing your NVGs is priceless!

      jeff n.
      United States United States

      Buy once cry once.

      I spent $200 on a competitor and they broke. These are way better I just wish they had left and right adjustment going opposite ways for binos