The Lightest Semi-Rigid Medical Stretcher Available will Serve as the Most Effective Rescue Platform on the Market

Virginia Beach, VA – MATBOCK, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Company brings a 3.5 lb collapsible medical litter to troops, law enforcement, firefighters, and first responders.   Any situation where evacuation is needed, the S-LIFT is now available as the best option.  The medical stretcher can be utilized as a standalone soft litter or can be combined with carbon fiber poles to become an adaptable and packable platform for evacuating the injured.
“Sadly, the first piece of kit my guys would leave back at the Forward Operating Base (FOB) was our medical litter because it only served one purpose, it was too heavy, and it was extremely bulky.  We designed the S-LIFT to be lightweight, adaptable and easy to use as a 10oz soft litter, a 3.5 lb semi-rigid litter, or zipped together to form a multi-purpose bag for carrying Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) or the gear of a downed service member.” Says the Co-Founder and COO of MATBOCK, a former SOF operator.
At 6.5 feet, the S-LIFT as a stretcher is long enough to accommodate all personnel with a maximum carrying capacity of 400 lbs.  The stretcher has 5 handles on each side to give the rescuers a multitude of configurations for carrying an injured person.  When paired with the Combat Carbon Poles, you have configured the lightest semi-rigid expedient medical litter available at only 3.5 lbs total weight.
Remove the Combat Carbon Poles and zip the S-LIFT together to form an essential, multi-purpose, 4,222 cubic inch, and lightweight bag to collect items such as Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE) Material or gear from a downed man.  The bag is augmented with a single adjustable strap for easy carry when loaded, a drawstring to secure the bag contents, and is small enough to fold up and be stored in a cargo pocket.
The introduction of the S-LIFT will address multiple needs of military operators and beyond. From mass casualty situations where people need to be evacuated safely and quickly to off the grid rescue needs where a packable medical stretcher could mean life or death.  Leaving overweight and non-packable stretchers behind, the S-LIFT gives any rescuer a premier option to carry a new tool for saving lives
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About MATBOCK:  Founded in 2010, MATBOCK’s mission is to design lighter and more practical equipment for every environment. The Veteran Owned company designs and develops products based on personal experiences involving continued operations in multiple combat theaters.  This experience led to their basic foundation - ounces equal pounds and lighter warriors are faster warriors. MATBOCK will constantly strive to provide warriors with the most effective and efficient gear possible.
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