The Sheath


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The first patented retractable lanyard riggers belt has just been released by MATBOCK. It incorporates a 4000 lbs Kevlar lanyard with Dyneema stitching at the load point into your normal riggers belt. The operator can simply pull on the 2 stage carabiner to extend the lanyard and hook in to the helicopter or hoist system. After detaching, the lanyard automatically retracts back into the belt. Instead of having to stuff the lanyard into a pocket or have a loop near his/her hip as a snag hazard, the operator's lanyard is tucked away until needed again. Furthermore, the Kevlar lanyard is spliced at both ends and the Dyneema stitching at the hot point prevents decay from salt water, possibly compromising the safety of the operator during an emergency situation. This initial version has a fixed length 20-inch lanyard to be at arm's length for most soldiers.

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The Sheath - MATBOCK
The Sheath - MATBOCK
The Sheath - MATBOCK
The Sheath - MATBOCK
The Sheath - MATBOCK