R-LIFT Backcountry


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Born and hardened on the battlefield to bring you home safely from the backcountry. The R-LIFT Backcountry is a fully rigid litter that deploys in seconds, weighs only 5.5 lbs on its own and only 6 lbs with the carrying pack. It boasts a maximum load carrying capacity of 400 lbs. The litter is constructed from Ultra High-Density Polyethylene, offering extremely high abrasion resistance and strength, inability to absorb blood, pathogens, chemical or biological hazards, and still decrease weight and size. Additionally, the R-LIFT Backcountry is now constructed entirely with Kevlar webbing and thread so no part of your stretcher will become contaminated beyond decontamination capabilities. The R-LIFT Backcountry comes with a built-in inflatable air bladder designed to support the head and align the spine. Additionally, the R-LIFT Backcountry comes with a replaceable integrated emergency blanket that can be deployed quickly to prevent hypothermia.

Lastly, the stretcher offers patient securing straps designed to keep the patient securely attached while moving over rough terrain.

Easy and fast to assemble with only 1 person; the R-LIFT Backcountry is compact for easy storage and transport. The newly designed carrier allows for storage of the R-LIFT either disassembled or partially assembled and a three flap design for quick but secure packing while in the field.


  • Fully Rigid Litter in Rescue Colors
  • Litter Weight – 6.0 lbs
  • Total weight with carrier – 6.5 lbs
  • Built-in Inflatable Bladder to Support Head and Align Spine
  • Integrated Head Straps to Stabilize Head
  • Load Rated Patient Securing Straps Designed for Hoist
  • Compact Size for Easy Storage and Transport
  • Integrated Replaceable Emergency Blanket
  • Easy and Fast Assembly with Only 1 Person
  • Max carrying capacity - 400lbs

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R-LIFT Backcountry - MATBOCK
R-LIFT Backcountry - MATBOCK
R-LIFT Backcountry - MATBOCK